On new beds and strawberry cakes

I’m already eight months into my pregnancy. Time really does fly, noh? Fingers crossed, I’ll give birth to our baby girl next month. The days are short I have to say. Jed and I are barely able to prepare all the things we should have bought by now. I skipped having a baby shower because […]

Yogurt pancakes

It’s not every day that I get to wake up feeling rested and happy. As early as 5:30am I was already up. I felt alert, my eyes wide open, not at all resisting. I felt a surge of energy that’s so rare I could count the number of times I felt this way with just […]

Our Indus experience

Two years of the pandemic means two years of rarely going out for pleasure, let alone eating in fancy restaurants. Somehow I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve learned to eat out with the sole intention of nourishing myself. No new flavors. No photographs. No weird stuff. Just good familiar food that I’m sure I would […]

Life goes on

What a blog title! How are we all doing? Who am I talking to? A lot has happened since I wrote on this blog. I got married and I’m pregnant with our first baby. I’ve put aside cooking and photography for now, instead I’ve been busy taking everything as easy as I possibly could. Haha. […]

My most used cookbooks so far

I wanted to make this list ever since I embarked on this cookbook vortex. In pandemic time, nothing has given me this much joy and hope than cookbooks. I buy them primarily for the photography, and secondly the stories and recipes they bring. Turns out, they are the best armchair travel I could ever hope […]

A happy birthday

For this particular birthday, I wanted to be more mindful. Mindful in its most basic sense—being deliberate of what’s around me and being extra in-tune with my feelings and actions. I woke up early that Sunday, Jed and Elmo still fast asleep. I went downstairs, sat cross-legged on the couch, and meditated—inhaling, exhaling, feeling the […]


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