On new beds and strawberry cakes

I’m already eight months into my pregnancy. Time really does fly, noh? Fingers crossed, I’ll give birth to our baby girl next month. The days are short I have to say. Jed and I are barely able to prepare all the things we should have bought by now. I skipped having a baby shower because I just don’t enjoy it. I like receiving gifts for my baby, don’t get me wrong, but having a party? I really have zero energy to organize such a thing. And just as I do things my own way, I’m winging every little thing on this crazy journey.

Before we get overwhelmed by all the baby stuff, we decided to finally replace our old bed. Actually, more like MY old bed. This was my first bed as an adult. I used to sleep on a futon in my old studio apartment. In 2012, I finally bought this second-hand, full double bed, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever purchased. Oh to sleep in a big bed all by myself! One of the best luxuries a single person can and should spend on. I’m telling you! If you’re in your twenties and still wondering if you should get a proper bed, the answer is a big fat YES! I did not buy a brand new one, but a pre-owned bed that a rich person once owned and was actually a fairly new bed at that time.

Now it was time to get a bigger bed. We had the frame custom made by PhireWood (they are the best) and we bought a brand new mattress, something we actually gave a lot of thought to beforehand. Jed actually wanted a very plush (aka soft) mattress, while I surprised myself because it turns out I preferred a firmer one. Not too firm though, just enough that I feel like I’m sleeping “on” it rather than being enveloped by it. I thought I would love a very plush mattress too but I just find the sinking feeling constrictive. In the end, we made a compromise on a combination soft/firm version. What we did not anticipate was how thick it would be. It was a whopping 12-inch thick mattress, you’d think we’re the Princess and the Pea around here. I’ll spare you the details, suffice it to say, the kind people at PhireWood helped me cut off the original height of our beautiful bed frame to adjust to the overwhelming height of our new mattress.

It’s all great now thank goodness! I am in love with our bed.

On other things, I finally baked a legitimate cake a few weeks ago—one of my favorites a Honey and Milk Cake with whipped cream and strawberries. It’s essentially a play on a classic Victoria Cake but instead of a sponge cake, I used the honey and milk cake as its base. It’s been a few months now since I baked anything with gusto. I felt rusty baking this cake. Good thing it’s hard to mess up. Even with just the milk and honey cake, you’ll have a special homemade treat that tastes like love. I know! And when you are able to add a simple whipped cream and some berries, it’s a summer cake that’s perfect even on a rainy July day. I got the recipe from Odette Williams’ Simple Cake cookbook.

My hobbies are currently in the backseat at the moment. If I’m not obsessively looking for the best deal for all my baby’s stuff, I’m busy cleaning and preparing our home for the hectic days to come. The weekends are a welcome relief. Even though it’s getting progressively harder for me to be on my feet and to walk long distances, I still try my best to go out of the house and unwind with Jed. We have made a habit of visiting green spaces (hello UP Diliman Acad Oval) on weekends just so Elmo and I can have a bit of exercise. I can only wish for more green spaces in Metro Manila.

There’s nothing like a long morning walk to lift my spirits, somehow making me believe everything’s possible and good things will and are about to happen. These long walks have definitely helped my mood. We usually then eat outside, somewhere new and delicious, either cheap street food or something fancier. If time and money permit, we go to a movie. If not, we watch new ones at home. I also love reading books side by side with Jed. It’s quiet and intimate. These little things, just spending leisure time alone with Jed (and Elmo), are what keep me sane before I contemplate on how our lives will change once the baby comes.

I still have to gather my thoughts on having my first child. As someone who overthinks a lot, this new motherhood experience will surely be a ride for me. I’m excited of course. And I’m scared shitless at the same time. I’m excited to see who our baby looks like, how it feels to hold and see her for the very first time. At the same time, I dread the pain of labor and childbirth. I’ve never read a “painless” birth story ever, and I’m someone with low pain tolerance, so that is haunting me day by day. Let’s not even get into the breastfeeding stories. A lot to look forward to that’s for sure!

For now, I have to take each day as it is. As Anne Lamott puts it, bird by bird.

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