Coffee shots one pandemic afternoon

It was probably in July this year (right in the middle of this new normal) when I first picked up my Nikon D40 (with kit lens) after, hmmm, 6 years? The last time I actually used this DSLR was on a summer trip in Calaguas. After that, I used my iPhone all throughout. I have to say I credit this wretched pandemic with a revival of things I usually couldn’t be bothered with, like photography. It was a daunting hobby, but these days “daunting” is good. Great even. To immerse yourself in something that’s confusing and time-consuming with lots of room for exploration is the perfect antidote to a time when everything’s at a standstill. Same with cooking. Why the hell not. We. Got. Time.

I love how the light was captured in these photos, perfectly hazy like film. The subject is possibly the easiest, most cliche subject I could find lying around our house. But I’m quite proud of these shots. Quiet. Pensive. Calm. Warm. Amiable.

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