WYLD Kitchen x Bar (Tomas Morato)

In rare times that I want to go out at night and drink, I look for a place that’s laidback and cozy, somewhere I can actually hear my own voice and my date’s. I love ‘ambiance’ just like the next person, and I also want good booze. WYLD Kitchen x Bar in Tomas Morato meets all these requirements in spades.

For a Saturday night, the place wasn’t packed, probably because it’s tucked in the second floor of The Grandia Place, near the ABS-CBN compound along Mother Ignacia Avenue. Too bad because it could really fit a crowd. With its high ceilings, dark wooden walls, and distressed tables, the place has the industrial, moody vibe down pat. A long banister on the side separates the bar into two floors. There’s music but it’s not screaming in your ear. You can actually talk in this bar.

Our bartender — I forgot to ask his name — was incredibly accommodating. I feel like sometimes when I’m in upscale bars like this one, I’m usually intimidated by the menu, not to mention the staff. Not on this one. I asked for specifics regarding the recommended drinks, and he was more than willing to elaborate and give suggestions. I felt at home, easy and breezy Covergirl.

moras and malice

We only had two drinks that night – a signature cocktail called Moras & Malice and a mocktail aptly named Aloe & Coco. Moras & Malice was made of gin, dalandan liquer, lemon juice, chickpea juice, and “moras” or local mulberry. I won’t pretend to know any of this combination, but suffice it to say, it was one tasty drink. Nothing was too overpowering. It was sweet, refreshing, with hints of berry here and there.

aloe and coco

Aloe & Coco, on the other hand, lived up to its mocktail identity. You need to eat something to fully appreciate the freshness of this drink. It’s almost like flavored water, one to quench a parched mouth. Cold, not too sweet, lots of nata de coco at the bottom. Good choice if you’re like me who was nursing a bad cold that night and wanted something non-threatening to drink.

We spent the rest of the night in the al fresco area. Perched on the high chairs with spacious tables between us, Jed and I enjoyed some peace and quiet. We ate a lot of Korean barbecue before we came here. We sipped our drinks, talked a lot, sipped some more, and agreed that we should definitely go back here soon.

WYLD Kitchen x Bar
4/5 rating – First Visit

Restaurant and Bar
2nd Flr Unit 2, The Grandia Place
143 Mother Ignacia Ave, Quezon City
5pm to 1am
0917 833 4210
₱300 to 600 per person
IG – @wyld.ph

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